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Product Reviews Policy

We here at Casual Tactical appreciate it when you, the customer, take time out of your busy day to review a product you purchased from us. It helps us know what we should and should not continue to carry and it helps other consumers make the decision to buy. We only ask that you be respectful when leaving your review.

• Reviews that contain libelous, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, racist or sexist language; reviews written with the intent of bullying, humiliating, harming or shaming; and reviews written about anything other than the product in question will be removed from the Casual Tactical site.

• Casual Tactical reserves the right to remove any review for any reason from the Casual Tactical site.

• Opinions written in the reviews are solely the opinions of the reviewer. They are not the opinions of Casual Tactical, its employees, or its affiliates.

If you feel there is a review on our site that should be removed because it does not meet the respectful standards of the Casual Tactical community please contact us at support@casualtactical.com.