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Regulation of Restricted Items

Here at Casual Tactical we sell items that are federally regulated, specifically firearms and ammunition. We also sell items that are regulated/restricted by state, county and/or city law. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to know whether or not the product your are purchasing is legal in your area, but we want to help you with that as much as we can. We have complied a list of item categories with restrictions, and states we are not allowed to ship them to. Please note that restrictions change often. Be sure to visit the individual product page of the item in question, on our website, for it's most current restriction policy.

Restrictions By Area

Restrictions By Item


It is not Casual Tactical's intention to enforce law, we are simply trying to abide by the law, just like you. If you take issue with one of these restrictions your best course of action would be to write/contact your local legislative representative and let him or her know that you do not agree with the current regulations, and you feel they should be reviewed.